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Photos Stick together.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Photos Stick together.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


    First of all I will thank all the help I can received with my situation.
    I have my kids baby photos stick together. They stock together I think since 3 month ago but I dicovered yesterday. They got wet really wet. They were in a plastic box some of them were in a scrapbook album but in that moment I removed them and put them a sight until get dried, I thaught they were dried in that moment and I put them in a zip lock bag but when I was ready to work with them I discoved they were stock together. I DONT have any other photos from my kids. I look thru all the negatives that I have but I think my ex-husband through them a way when we got divorce. They are stock from the back of the photo to the front. I appreciate all your help. I want to apologize if may english is not too good but I hope you guys can understand me. I am really desesperate with this one time memories that I think I am going to loose. Thanks one more time. Martha

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    Re: Photos Stick together.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    First, welcome to RTP, Martha. You only need to post once and folks will see it since most people use the "New Posts" feature of the forum.

    I'm not a photography person, but someone may have an answer to your problem. I'm sure it's not unique.


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      Re: Photos Stick together.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

      First thing Martha, work with me here. Close your eyes, take in deep, deep breaths, slowly exhale, find a nice place in your head and relax, it's all gonna be alright.

      I am assuming that the photos that are stuck together are prints made on a commercial printer and not an inkjet at home, right? Most likely glossy, which makes it better, black and white or color does not matter. Please be ginger with them when they are dry or the will surely start to pull apart and make a mess.
      Go to the kitchen and get a clean, glass baking dish large enough to hold the photos and deep enough so they can be covered with liquid. Now, distilled water, not tap water with all of swampy's everglades gooey water in it. Bottled water at room temperature. Place the photos in the dish and cover with the water. Grab a book, keep the deep breathing up here, clear the chakras and hope for the best. Let them soak. Take a look every once in a while and sooner or later they will start to release themselves from their hold on each other. Try not to get anxious and coax them with a screwdriver, pocketknife and for god sakes no hammer and chisel. Let them do their own thing, water will not harm them, they were born from water. Stroking them nicely and talking sweet to them sometimes helps but a beer will do the same thing. Sooner or later you are going to see the end of their long term relationship begin to fall apart and they will start to lift off of each other. Be patient and let them do as much of it as they can. Using a wet finger when they are almost apart can help coax them a bit. If they are black and white put them on racks to dry and they should return to normal. If they are color they are gonna look like you ate a bunch of mushrooms and they are all psychedelic. Lay them face up on a soft clothe to air dry. As they dry you will see the colors begin to come back to normal. Good luck but I'm sure you are gonna come out of this a hero.



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        Re: Photos Stick together.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

        Great instructions, Sweetlight. I especially like the "have a beer".

        Feeling better, Martha?


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          Re: Photos Stick together.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

          Just reading those instructions were relaxing Sweetlight.

          Check out this post too with the link.


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            Re: Photos Stick together. HELP!! THANKS!!!!!!


            I feel so relieve now I want to appreciate your help and words. Of course I will need to work with my chakras and the beer too. I would let you know the results with these. Next I will need help with the best program (software)to fix, restore, crop, ect photos and some websites for photos info how i do work with this software.

            Thanks a lot Sweetlight your name say so SWEETLIGHT... GOD BLESS YOU!!!.

            Thanks to Swampy it was the first one who email me that everything gonna be ok.

            Thanks to lilysharon for be part of it too.

            Thanks of more time.... GOD BLESS!!!!!