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Paper Texture Problem (Matt Finish)

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  • Paper Texture Problem (Matt Finish)

    Can anyone tell me How to get rid of paper texture on attached image.
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    Re: Paper Texture Problem (Matt Finish)

    Look here:


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      Re: Paper Texture Problem (Matt Finish)

      Originally posted by ashkumar View Post
      Can anyone tell me How to get rid of paper texture on attached image.
      Hi Ashkimar,

      you can get rid of paper texture using the RGB FFT filter. You can download it from the link below, there are fft brushes as well as a tutorial of how to use this filter.

      if you are using adobe for your photo you can extract the FFT filter in your adobe plug-ins folder. you need to close your adobe program first when you've install the filter if you have it open.

      I hope this help.




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        Re: Paper Texture Problem (Matt Finish)

        I found that FFT did not work very well on this portion of the image. Probably because the pattern does not repeat in a consistent way.
        I did find that some other methods worked well... mostly combining noise reduction and blurring tools.

        One thing that seemed to work well was first entering Reduce Noise, setting all sliders to 0, then increasing the reduce color noise to max. This took away the tiny amount of red on top of each pattern grid. From there, the other tools worked better in the absence of that red pattern. I played with Surface Blur and Smart Blur and got pretty descent results.


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          Re: Paper Texture Problem (Matt Finish)

          Try this. Make a copy of the background layer with the blending mode set to “lighten”. Nudge this layer up about a distance of ½ the distance between the texture marks. Do a Select All followed by Copy Merged and paste to put the blended results on top of the two layers. Nudge this layer down the same distance you moved the lower layer up. Set the blending mode of this layer to “Darken”. You may need to use a layer mask on one or both of these layers to mask around the details. The rest can be cleaned up with healing, cloning, blurring, etc…
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            Re: Paper Texture Problem (Matt Finish)

            FFT will help, but it's not enough.
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              Re: Paper Texture Problem (Matt Finish)

              Maybe FFT is going to work better on a complete image rather than on a such a small fragment because the pattern is going to be repeated much more often.


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                Re: Paper Texture Problem (Matt Finish)

                I tried with FFT filter on image, but it's not working fine.


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                  Re: Paper Texture Problem (Matt Finish)

                  (1) duwayne's lighten and darken technique.
                  (2) Dust & Scratched filter.
                  (3) some healing, cloning.
                  (4) Add Noise.
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                    Re: Paper Texture Problem (Matt Finish)

                    Here is my effort,, just a try..

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