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Feedback requested please. Thanks

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  • Feedback requested please. Thanks

    This picture may be known to you. I located it in a tutorial and I was wondering if I could get any feedback on how I have got on ?

    My final version is the one titles ' mine2 ' and is the 3rd image on the right.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Feedback requested please. Thanks

    Ian, you did well in bringing back contrast, but the colors in both versions are a bit off, the 2nd one is greenish, the 3rd blueish. My screen is not calibrated professionally, but I doubt that it is my monitor :-)


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      Re: Feedback requested please. Thanks

      ok, thanks for the tips, I will work on it and post once redone.


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        Re: Feedback requested please. Thanks

        i agree with amica. too much of a blue tint on that last one. try a hue/sat or a color balance to correct.


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          Re: Feedback requested please. Thanks

          OK, I worked as you suggested. Any better ?
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            Re: Feedback requested please. Thanks

            still too much of a blue tint.

            here's a two minute job of it. i ran only a color balance adjustment layer and hue/sat adjustment layer.

            in the color balance, i mostly reduced the blues to more yellows and added more warm reds. though, i did tone down some of the greens.

            in the hue sat, i slightly increasded the saturation and the lightness.

            it's not perfect, but there shldnt be any more global blue or green tinting here.

            oh, and i also ran an unsharp mask of 2/100/5 to sharpen just a tiny bit.

            so, try it again, and it you dont get any significant improvement, try one of the software calibration web sites and adjust your monitor's calibration settings. they could be throwing you off.
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              Re: Feedback requested please. Thanks

              oh, and a couple other tricks on all this. look for familiar things in the image. the sidewalk is one of those. generally, sidewalks are concrete and concrete tends to have a fairly uniform color across the world. signs can help and sometimes clothing. look for things with a known color/tint/hue and then try to adjust your image to those things. the other objects and elements will generally follow, unless the image is actually damaged in the color set.


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                Re: Feedback requested please. Thanks

                I start with "pulling back" the channels, the rest were standard adjustments (levels, healing, high pass & curves).
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                  Re: Feedback requested please. Thanks

                  Here is my quick try with curve adjustment layer.

                  I've clicked White, Gray and Black point on image with the relevant eyedroppers of curve dialog box.

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                    Re: Feedback requested please. Thanks

                    i think i like yours better, chillin. i think i added a little too much red.


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                      Re: Feedback requested please. Thanks

                      Thanks for all the tips folks. I have only recently got into restoring photos, over th last few weeks, and I think I am getting better thanks to help from you all.

                      If no one objects, I will continue to seek advice, thanks again.



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                        Re: Feedback requested please. Thanks

                        Here's my attempt. Curves and selective color adjustments.
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