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Severe sun damage...perhap?

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  • Severe sun damage...perhap?

    Doing this restoration for a friend and I've almost got save for a few color tweaks...except for the womans face. I've tried almost everything. Doesanyone here whave any input.

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    Hey! I just worked on that exact same picture for someone else in another thread!

    You guys must know each other...

    The other thread asking for help with this image is HERE


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      I used the term friend pretty loosely. We hooked up in a photoshop NG.

      BTW, nice job on the pic!



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        have you tried it to make a selection of the flesh tones and convert image to LAB mode.
        by increase L value in midtone, and for pinning A and B channel in midtone while playing around with 1/4 tone value should give you the result.

        good luck. and have the patience. i am for using photoshop since 1992 and am having the questions also, but am also happy to giving the help sometimes.



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