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Cleaning up nasty "noise" in shadow areas

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  • Cleaning up nasty "noise" in shadow areas

    I'm having a bad problem trying to clean up "noise" in the shadow areas of images that I scan. They appear as (usually) red blocks in the shadows, with occassional blue blocks as well. Various blurs do not seem to work, and filling the entire area with black doesn't look realistic at all. Any suggestions?


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    If you could post the picture that would be a great help. Have you checked the channels? perhaps an adjustment layer - its difficult to tell without an example. I think this forum limits sizes to 100k

    Sure there will be many people here willing to help as soon as you give em something to get their teeth stuck in on


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      You might give this a try. Change to lab mode and in the channels give a low gaussian blur to the A and B channels. Those channels hold the color information and the Lightness channel holds your image detail. Don't blur the lightness channel. See if that helps. It's hard to say what's happening since we can't see it but this technique works on digital images that have mottling in the colors so it may correct your specific problem as well.


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