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  • clone stamping

    I would like to ask question related to clone stamping:
    1. What does clone stamp and pattern stamp difference?
    2. How do I clone an image to another blank image? When I clone the imagedoes it also copy special layer functions such as inner glow?
    3. Why is theres some lock in my background?
    4. Why did some of my image bnecome indexed color even if I didnt chose it at the image mode bec. I always used RGB color?
    Thanks for reading this.

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    1. clone stamp copies sections of an image to another area of the image, pattern stamp copies a static pattern
    2. you can't clone from one file to another, although you can clone from one layer of an image to another layer (just select 'use all layers' option)
    3. rename it anything but 'background'
    4. I have no clue
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      Actually you can clone from one file to another. Try this:

      Open two images and arrange them so that both are visible. Select the clone stamp tool and position the pointer on the part of the image you want to sample, and Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac_OS). This sample point is the location from which the image is duplicated as you paint.

      Note: If you are sampling from one image and applying to another, both images must be in the same color mode.

      Hope this helps



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        Darn, I'm not perfect

        Just goes to show we have useful information here for all levels of user.
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          None of us are perfect Doug - after posting that tidbit, I spent most of the morning trying to figure out how to make a vignette without using the vignette action that comes standard.......Making vignettes was one of the first things I learned, but I just couldn't remember how to do it.

          Have a goo day,


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            That one I can help with (Ok, Jakaleena can help with)

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              what I mean is that the image become indexed color when the layer icon has a lock in it? Why does that become so? I have to switch to rgb mode so I could apply filters?


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                Can you replicate what happens when PS volunteers to switch modes? Start with a verified RGB image, and repeatably get it to change on its own to indexed, then post the steps here.
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