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trying to remove a texture

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  • trying to remove a texture


    Thx for a great site. I have just started a (quite possibly big) project of making a 5 generation family photo album. Some of the approx 30 year old pictures has a less than becoming texture to them i have trouble removing.
    Current workflow in CS3: median noise filter -> Gaussian blur -> USM
    By this time most of the texture is gone, but a bit too much detail is gone as well.
    Adding complete image + before-after crop. Scanning at 1200 dpi, have done some colour correction and healing brush as well to remove damages.
    Tips on how to remove more of the texture while keeping/improving detail is greatly appreciated!
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    Re: trying to remove a texture

    This texture is common to photos of the 1970's and earlier. Two effective ways I have found to mitigate the effect are:
    1. Use a FFT program such as image analyser or
    2. Try a noise filter such as Noiseware.

    I find using a good noise filter that can isolate high and low frequency noise is as effective as the results produced by the FFT filter and it takes less time.

    I used a low setting of Noiseware on you image and then applied a color corrdction filter call iPicto Color Correct.

    There is a lot more work to do however on this image.
    Good luck with your restoration.
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      Re: trying to remove a texture

      I first corrected the color and luminosity using curves, and levels. Next I used Neat Image to decrease the noise as well as the patch tool and the healing brush.
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        Re: trying to remove a texture

        Great photo .... I've played about with curves and levels and a bit exposure
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          Re: trying to remove a texture

          Thank you for the tips. Will try them when I am home


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            Re: trying to remove a texture

            Image Analyzer works on this pic better than imageJ.
            I used on RGB & a red channel.
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              Re: trying to remove a texture

              i generally like family photos, so i had a go at this one. it was a little tricky, but not too bad. it was basically:

              color balance


              digital camera noise removal (psp only and i used this fairly light... roughly, medium settings)

              then, a fair amount of clone, smudge (push) and airbrush.

              what was tricky was the texture. it appears to be a paper texture picked up by the scan. i didnt address this with FFT, which i might normally do. the reason was, it was fairly light and after trying the noise removal, it seemed to be MUCH better, so i ignored it. this was mostly born out to be fine at the end, since at 100% magnification, the texture was not showing through and, if printed, i seriously doubted if the texture would show.

              however, part of my smudging (push) was directed to handling some of this texture that made it through the noise removal, particularly on the faces.

              i could also have added a little usm and a little clarify, but i didnt. it seemed good enough.
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