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  • Restoring newsletters

    Any ideas on this one?

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    Re: Restoring newsletters

    You mean physically or digitally restoring a newsletter, or is this a request for recommendations for newsletters about retouching?
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      Re: Restoring newsletters

      Just touching up the picture.
      This is the front page.
      I want to make this look better.
      the newsletters is about 50 years old.
      I mean if anyone has any ideas about restoring newsletters
      this old in general I'll take those as well.
      Eddie Estes


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        Re: Restoring newsletters

        I guess the picture didn't upload.
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          Re: Restoring newsletters

          first, welcome to RP.

          and second, i did a google search (using cooliris) and couldnt find that exact image anywhere. i thought maybe that would save some time. but, because i couldnt find that exact image, if you have the original newsletter, as you're calling it, you may wish to take it to a conservator; it could be worth some money. i'd find out.

          and regarding your specific request, i'd treat this like any other digital image. it could stand some noise removal and obviously needs some rebuilding on the left side. i use airbrush, clone and push (smudge) for that, mostly. you can keep the discoloration or go to complete black and white. some folks like keeping the faded, discolored look that shows this is an older item.

          the most difficult job will be removing the noise in the face, tie and guitar without losing the integrity of the image detail. noise removal software can do part of the job, but dont expect it to do it all. that usually ends in a kind of smudged, even blurry result.

          you might also try the polaroid dust and scratch removal software set for removing dark specks.

          the background looks pretty easy, but it also appears to have had a bit of a texture to it, like it was done on rough paper. i'd leave that in, though some prefer to replace backgrounds when highly damaged.