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    I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question but
    can anyone please advise if there is a tool that allow me to crop a digital photo in certain width and Heigh? I need one where you can specify the width and heigh then drag it aroundthe original photo until you get the area that I want. Can photoshop achieve this?

    my problem is I have photo taken by digital camera, but when I get them print in photo stores, my photos got cropped and sometime they cropped away bits of object that I want.

    Thank you in advance.


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    You're in luck.

    Photoshop has a tool that will do exactly what you want. It's called (conveniently enough) the Crop Tool.

    Select it from the Tool palette. I beleive the location varies depending on which version of Photoshop you are running, so check Photoshop's HELP and search on "crop" or "cropping" to be sure.

    Among its options are the ability to pre-size an image, say, 8"x10" or 55cm x 180cm. You can also set image resolution if you like, for example, 200 PPI or 250 PPC (pixels per cm).

    Once the image size specifications are set, you drag the tool (like the rectangle selection tool) and select whatever portion of the image you want.

    You can adjust the size as many times as you like. Double-click to crop.

    Use the ESC key to "exit" from the crop dialog (to make the crop marks disappear if you change your mind); hold down CTRL to prevent "snapping" to Photoshop's grids.

    Hope this helps; good luck with your cropping.



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      Some digital cameras I've seen format the image to be proportional to 4x5/8x10. This doesn't really work out when printing at a lab unless you order a 4x5/8x10.

      Instead of cropping, consider adding canvas to make the size of the image proportional to a standard print size and then trimming the borders after printing.

      For example, if your image is proportional to 4x5, but you are going to have 4x6 prints made, you'll lose part of the image. Change the canvas size to be proportional to 4x6/8x12 and the image won't be clipped in printing. (Be sure the added canvas is a color, since many printers don't recognize added white space as part of the image).


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        Thank you all for your suggestions.
        i will experimet with the suggestions.
        May be I can create a mask (need to look this up on how to do this).

        Thanks once again.



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