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  • Other Sites With Manipulation Challenges

    I just stumbled across and they have a ton of manipulation pictures there, many of which are very good. For example, this particular challenge had some good entries, I thought:

    I think its fascinating to see what others come up with on these...and very inspiring.

    Anyone know of other sites on the web where folks post their work in manipulation? Or photo-art?


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    Thanks for the link Phyllis. I think there might be others who would be interested too. Not enough time for me to check out most of the submissions, but what I saw was definitely inspiring. I'll check it out further later. Thanks again.



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      I have been on this site quite a bit looking around, and it is just scary how some minds work. I am amazed at what people think of when they see things.

      Some of the stuff is not for the faint of heart, though, so there is your warning.


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        Definitely geared toward an edgier crowd but some very fine work in thematic contests.
        Lots of rules, both written and un-written, and they keep tabs on how you vote and what pages you visit while on the site. Can join and enter for free, or buy credits to play.


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          There`s one just for fun at The Asylum
          A new pic posted each week. It`s in the photoshop section, and it`s called Make It ( Repeat Performance)