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  • Just for smiles

    Just for smiles,

    I posted this in the gallery, but I don't think people check that often. Thought I would post this to brighten the day. It is one of the first composites I did in PS years and years ago. It was funny, someone posted one with the same color arangement and kids in the gallery not too long ago, I don't remember who it was... Jak, was that you? Anyway, it made me think of this so I dug it out.
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    Is this the one you are talking about?

    I think it's adorable. I remember you said you were a baby lover so I can see you put alot of love in that manipulation. I love the quote you added as well. Excellent job Chiquitita.


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      Nope, sorry to say it wasn't me. But yours did make me smile.

      Thank you


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        DJ - Yes it was that one... For some reason, I get your's and Jak's usernames mixed up. I am a baby lover for sure. I have pictures of babies all over my walls. They are so precious. I love kids of all ages, but I have a special place in my heart for babies and animals, I guess I see them as so helpless and innocent.

        I had to compress this one a little too much, and the jagged lines of my pre-masking days are embarassing, but I love the pic anyway.

        Jak - Thanks! Glad I made you smile.


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          Sometimes I look back on my early images and see all the things I did wrong and would like to change. Then I realize that they are a record of my learning process and a measurement of how far I've come along the way. So when I saw your picture and knew it was your earlier works, I wasn't looking to critique (which by the way I didn't see anything to critique anyway) but to just enjoy. Or as the thread title states "just for smiles"