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  • Need some advice

    I've never posted but have been coming to the forum for awhile and would love to get some advice on how to fix a photo.

    I have an old photo was taken by my mum of my brother and was taken in the early 70's it is really damaged I have tried this tutorial but inly helped a little there is finger prints all over the photo I would really love to know how to fix it myself as there are quite alot of them that my mums has that I would love to fix and most are really damaged Thanks for any help in advance.


    I've posted the photo had to crop it as he was in his b'day suit and also so I can do the restoring myself so any help would be very grateful
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    Re: Need some advice

    Welcome to RetouchPro, or welcome back !

    I didn't go too far. Just wanted to see if there was any detail in there to recover. It certainly seems there is (see attached). All I did was bring the image into Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and adjust many values to near their max, i.e. recovery > 100, blacks > 67, contrast > 100, brightness > -11, clarity > 50. This is often a very fast method in order to see what an image contains. You can certainly also use the results as a first step in the restoration; just be more cautious/exact with the sliders.

    Normally, I like to build the contrast back in the image before beginning any repairs. I think this is quite normal for all the other restoration folks also. At that point, the repairs are being made by using fairly good adjacent pixel information.

    Best of luck and I'm sure you will also get lots more good information.
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      Re: Need some advice

      Thank you so much will use that to get it too look like that now all i need is to get some advice on fixing all the finger marks thank you again


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        Re: Need some advice

        The finger marks are a lot of work. Lots of tedious work. As TommyO said, use adjacent pixel information.

        My question, who allowed all those finger prints to get attached to the photos? Who was in charge of taking care of these photos?


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          Re: Need some advice

          ah I didnt see that it said about the adjacent pixel information will look into doing that. And not too sure how the fibgure marks got there you dont even notice them on the photo itself and its now me taking care of the photo's lol so i hope i can take care of them better


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