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    There's some talk about what's behind the baby in the picture in the challenges section under tintype baby. I'm curious what others see here. Some people seem convinced there's flowers, head boards, a picture of mick jagger.
    What do you think is there and how did you arrive at your conclusions?
    I don't see anything but useless textures, noise and scratches. But, if there is something there I'd like to know how you found it.

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    a bed or headboard?
    a picasso painting?
    nothing - they're all hallucinating

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    Ok, I guess I'll go first. I didn't do this challenge but from what I can tell from looking at them all, what they're seeing is severe damage that totally obliterates the background detail. So I chose the halucination.


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      Is this a trick question? Like DJ, I see nothing that could be defined except damage.



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        I agree that the bkgd is damage. But there does seem to be a texture behind him, just above the seat, a bit more visible on the left. From the texture it almost looks basket like, but I never trust my eyes, so I will say damage.


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          It's plain as day!

          Gotta disagree, Ed. I clearly see Satan poking you in the behind. Hmmm... One of his horns is cracked too. Did you do that to him? Don't blame you!



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            I assumed it was just the texture of the metal...but I could be wrong!


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              There is something back there. I swear. The voices told me there was, and gosh darn it - I believe them...!!

              Honestly though, those tassels behind the baby in my submission weren't put there by me. They showed up after I discarded some channels and made some adjustments. I realized they were there as I was cloning close up on the edge of the baby's dress.
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                what I see

                If you duplicate the layer many times in screen mode eventually it looks like an old painted backdrop of a landscape, trees? At least that is what it looks like to me.


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                  Jak, if I understand you correctly, what you may see as tassels may be part of the sofa the child is sitting on. If it is sofa, then it's the texture of the sofa. I could be wrong.
                  I've worked on this file and I've found everything I believe is there, within reason, and there's also little knobs on the sofa - I think I saw at least one submission with them.
                  There are also at least four 1 pixel sized smooth lines on the left back half that are probably not original in the picture but were put there by someone. Could be accidental, but their shape is interesting.
                  What about those gouges in the left side beside the baby? - is it damage to the picture or are they rips in the sofa? I'm not sure. I removed them when I worked on the pic, but now I'm not completely sure.
                  Anything else back there?
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                    Mig hit the nail (or lips ) on the head. Adjust the contrast a little and you have Mick's Lips......
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                      That's the spirit


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                        Speaking of spirits...
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                        Learn by teaching
                        Take responsibility for learning


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                            Scott Rudy, who submitted the tin type baby for the challenge posted this description of the item in the background:
                            "The object that can barely be seen in the background is the headboard of a bed. The photo was taken in a bedroom with the baby sitting on a vanity bench or stool at the side of the bed."

                            Nick Carter's "Baby and Crib?"


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                              Thanks for pointing us back in the right direction, CJ.
                              Made of wicker, it looks like. They'd have those kind of knobs.
                              Nice thread, Mig.


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