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Content Aware editing


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    CS5 - undestructive editing?
    by amica999
    Dears, I have a question to the Beta-Testers. Looking at this movie all the content aware fill is done on the background layer. Wouldn't it work on a copy?
    04-21-2010, 04:13 AM
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    Has anyone gotten and played with CS5?
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    Take a look on new features that will be represented in CS5. It's hard to see details of course but looks amazing from the resolution of the video
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    I've mentioned node editing in the past (here and elsewhere). Oscar (MediaChance) is working on just such an editor and, again, this is the future of editing. Layers are so yesterday. I had to use similar interfaces when I was and Electrical Engineer (used both Simulink and LabVIEW) so the interface...
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    CS5 Image
    by gladesman
    As a member of this forum I figured I'd post an image done in CS5. I'm one of Adobe's beta testers. Unfortunately I couldn't post both the before and after image at 100 KB each. The message said I was over my 100kb limit. Anyway, Adobe has given us permission to post, although warned us to not discuss...
    04-01-2010, 04:22 PM
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    Re: Content Aware editing

    Also being a beta tester, I would concur that the new features will help a lot of the folks here. Content aware fill while very impressive, does take some time to get it to work the way you want it to. I can see if very useful for face retouching in keeping skin textures. Also puppet warp will, I think change the way folks reshape faces. It may not be a smooth to use as liquify, but with SO you can go back and edit. Refine edge is great, but for refining a mask, it is destructive so make a dupe layer for using it.


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      Re: Content Aware editing

      I was wondering how well the refine edges worked -- wondered if it would get rid of the need for masking plug-ins. Sounds like maybe not.


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        Re: Content Aware editing

        The Refine edges is pretty dang good ... Have you seen Terry White's Blog Video?

        And having used it ... its easier to use than the Masking plugins. May not quite be there, but 90% of the users will likely be able to do just as much without the plugins now.



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          Re: Content Aware editing

          Originally posted by csuebele View Post
          Also being a beta tester.... Refine edge is great, but for refining a mask, it is destructive so make a dupe layer for using it.
          I always work on dupe layers, but what do you mean about it being destructive?


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            Re: Content Aware editing

            There is a setting called decontaminate colors that gets rid of fringing; however, it does so my bleeding the unmasked area into the masked area. In the example, the first image is the original, the second is the final with the mask, using CS5's content aware fill, but you still need to mask to use CAF close to subjects. The last image is the layer with the masked turned off. You can see where the image bleed. Of course, I'm new to this too, so I may have been doing something not quite right, as there doesn't seem to be much bleed near the mane.



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              Re: Content Aware editing

              I am so disappointed:


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                Re: Content Aware editing

                Content aware might be good for some issues, but its not at all good for skin. Even the content healing brush has dubious merit with skin texture.

                For those looking to fix backgrounds by getting rid of large portions at a time its an ok step in the right direction.

                But regardless of what use you are putting the tool through you need to watch out for similar artifacts and softening that the healing brush has historically caused. At times it can actually create more work by cleaning up these issues than by doing the work with pre-cs5 tools.

                For those who deal with large images, hundreds, not tens, of megabytes refine edges will be a very slow and frustrating process although in the end there can be reasonably good results. Be aware that the algorithms used have a hard time dealing with sharp smooth edges AND softer edges within the same mask. So there very well can be the need to combine two masks to make one.

                On large images, Puppet warp can also be a very slow process. Depending on what you are attempting to accomplish and with what subject you can get great results once the learning curve is conquered.

                Don't let any of that stop you from trying the tools out and using them for what you decide is good enough. These tools are in their fledgling stage and only promise to get better in the future.



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                  Re: Content Aware editing

                  Chris, not being a hi end retoucher myself, I was curious what a hi end retoucher would think of these tools. I could see the potential, but didn't know how well they would actually work for that type of work. Thanks for the insight.


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                    Re: Content Aware editing


                    Nope Content Aware doesn't really hold up if you examine it too closely. Its alright I suppose as a shortcut, for hair (removal of strays) you can use it in this way as a starting point, but you will still need to go in and touch up where it has created drop offs and edges. The math it uses is very different from the healing tools, which attempt to create smooth transitions in tone. Content Aware on the other hand is cruder and leaves sharp color drop offs. Look at your solars to see this.

                    Yes I agree with Chris. Many of the new tools are too slow to use efficiently on high res imagery - this certainly applies to Puppet Warp, the new paint mixer technology.


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                      Re: Content Aware editing

                      Good to see you again, MZ. You've been missed.

                      Where content aware shines is in restoration. There things are often already so messed up that almost any shortcut (that actually works, that is) is worth it. The images are rarely high res, so the new tools work ok there.


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                        Re: Content Aware editing

                        I've found very little use for content aware healing.

                        Sadly, the amount of work cleaning up the mess it often leaves behind it's just as well to do it by hand, instead of doing it one and a half times longer.


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                          Re: Content Aware editing

                          yep MZ..thought you disappeared....


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                            Of course now with the new 2019 Photoshop CC content aware it is just amazing.