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  • body parts required

    I don't know if it's the right place to ask, but it sounds a good idea to ask here. I need a pair of legs that could suit one (or 2) of those bodies.
    I often need body parts for my restorations and each time, I spend loads of time to purchase postcards and photos in attic sales to fill my library.
    It would be nice that people could share their assets eg. you need a leg, I can lend you an arm. Maybe a new forum?
    I got old photos of the same kind and will be happy to suit somebody else's need....
    Hope it doesn't sound too weird..
    thank you,
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    Re: body parts required



    trading body parts, lol. Um, no thanks


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      Re: body parts required

      thank you very much, but do you think I can freely use this parts (the 1st one will match exactly, I think) I do not want to offend someone else's rights.
      Thank you anyway..

      PS: Kidney anyone?


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        Re: body parts required

        I use their original site @ "The Library Of Congress"
        The Library of Congress >> Prints & Photographs Division >> Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.
        and search for what I want IE,. 'girl sitting' or 'woman standing' OOPS! they have moved to here

        I get clues on what to search for by reading the different descriptions on the titles of the pictures IE,. 'Facing left,' etc

        generally speaking these photos are free to use, BUT, read the FAQs about copyrights on the site
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          Re: body parts required

          you can also check the smithsonian, the national archives and free stock photo places like . just check their usage policies first.


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            Re: body parts required

            Why Frankenstein came to my mind?


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              Re: body parts required

              Pictus, lol

              Or you could try here
              they all have 'no know copyright'

              more legs; :-)


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                Re: body parts required

                Thanks to everyone!


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                  Re: body parts required

                  oh, thank you for that first one, nancy! some sites there i'd never even thought of