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    Looking for some advice from those with more experience. Halfway through an old family photo. What is the best way to fix all the scratches on the right side from about the hand down? Theres blotches that look like lint as well. Clone and healing brush will take forever and I know there must be a way that is faster and less work. Can anyone point me in the direction of what I need to do? I'm going the long way around this one on fixing things and making more work for myself than i have to. I really stink at curves. I've still got other work to do on it but this part I feel stuck on

    My other question is, how do I fix that right side eye? Clearly it was drawn in by the photographer. I've done body parts but never an eye before. copying the other eye and manipulating it makes it look fake as well. What would be the best steps?

    Any advice would be appreciated. I'm not looking for someone to do the work, just some answers and suggestions. I am trying to get this done before a family reunion in a few weeks as a surprise
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    Re: advice wanted

    sometimes you just have to take the time and do things properly, there isn't always a quick fix.


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      Re: advice wanted

      You should get a very good result if you jump the good eye and its surrounding area to a new layer, flip horizontal, position it over the bad eye, rotate to align, then add a layer mask and paint away everything but the eyeball and lid.
      Your options on all the scratches, lint, etc are limited. The quality route would be to clone & heal the long hard way. The compromise route would be to use Dust & Scratches / Median filter, Surface Blur, Degrunge, Noise Filters, or many many other methods which basically involve some forms of blurring.
      Regards, Murray


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        Re: advice wanted

        your all are confirming what I suspected-limited options and putting in the hours. I had wondered if there was a different route that would get me the same results and I just didn't know about it or wasn't doing it right. I don't want to sacrifice quality so I'll tough it out but thank you for the information. I'm still trying to figure out if it's just me not knowing or simply that there are limited options. I'm going to try that eye fix again too, thanks Murray. I had tried several times using the good eye but it looked odd and fake.

        What is the general concensus on replacing backgrounds? obviously it's a matter of taste and on the one hand i'd like to replace this background because it's so dull but on the other hand, I don't want it to look like the new one doesn't fit-even keeping it simple.


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          Re: advice wanted

          If you have Photoshop S5 those little scratches and spots are great candidates for content-aware healing. With earlier versions the healing brush augmented with the clone tool is your best bet, but you'll have to spend the time.

          As for the background, in restoration, replacing it is an option only if it's badly damaged. Even then you should emulate the original as best you can. This one isn't damaged to speak of. Don't replace it.


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            Re: advice wanted

            Seems that the long hard way is probably the best approach to make it look the best. Take your time and and be confident in your abilities!!



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              Re: advice wanted

              Lurch, I am a dinosaur on CS2. I can't even get familiar with all the tools in this version and I am already behind 3 version, eek. it would be in my best interest to make the update PS jump and learn on those tools. The content aware tool you talked about sound great as do the other restore tools others have talked about here in the newer version. Photoshop and the improvement in tools move so fast, I feel so overwhelmed by it at times.

              I'm going to bite the bullet and put in the work. Thanks for the input from all of you, you helped alot, trust me. i'll post my results when finished and wait for the critique


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                Re: advice wanted

                If your looking for simplicity you could try "healing" the missing spot and then the burn tool for a little more detail and good ol fashion dust and scratches tool - you could spend hours .....the ol fashion way (bit by bit) I like the antiquity of the picture and I would fear a lot of overdoing it... this was my result (not at all perfect) but it was quick
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                  Re: advice wanted

                  Thanks for the suggestion Jester. All of them are helpful. I don't want to sacrifice quality for time on this particular picture but it's osmething I will keep in mind for other photos. Hoping to have it done in the next week or so. I'll post my final results for critugue from all of you.

                  Thanks again


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