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    Hi All,

    I was looking for photos with dust to test a feature in our application. Basically if you have photos that were scanned and there may have been dust on the scan bed or dusty photos that you scanned, anything, just stuff with noticeable dust and not scratches or blemishes, etc


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    Have you checked the Archives? It's on the popout menu and there may be something there you can use...


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      Perhaps try this link:

      Stephen Marsh.


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        Welcome to RetouchPro! I think this might be what you're looking for! More then enough dust on this one Restoration Challenge 25

        - David


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          Thanks for your replies! David, that is an excellent image to use!
          Jak, Thanks, when I got here, I noticed the Archives, I started looking through them, but got discouraged because of the sheer volume of images. If they were sorted into some sort of categories then I may have had better luck

          I am still going through them randomly to see if there is one or two Images I can use, but havent' found one so far

          Thanks for everyones help!


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