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restoration on a photo from 1865

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  • restoration on a photo from 1865

    Hi all,
    I have a question about non digital photo restoration.
    I read the thread of tips started by craig that has some excellent information on various restore techniques. There were some tequniques listed there for removing blotches of ink. I currently have quite a few old photos I'm working on restoring. And when I say old, we're talking from 1865 printed on some sort of thick mat.

    Seeing the age of the photos I read up a little on how to properly handle them. I have been good about wearing rubber gloves(like you would use in surgery not the type used for doing dishes) and only touch the photo on its edges. It has been stored in a photo album in a transparent plastic page. The only time they see any light is when I have the photo album open to work with the photos.

    I have scanned in the front and back of the photo and will upload when I get home from work. The issue is that there are some large ink stains on the photo that go from front to back. They not only blotch out parts of the photo on the front but also the writing on the back of the photo which I think was a personal message from the time. I would love if possible to try to remove some of the ink to help in the digital restoration process and reveal not only the picture but the message on the back as well if possible.

    Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Also if I am doing anything incorrect or my handling of them could be improved feel free to correct me on that as well.
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    Re: restoration on a photo from 1865

    On second thought I don't think I'll try my hand at it. I'd hate to mess up and ruin the photo.


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      Re: restoration on a photo from 1865

      This thread may be of some help "scanners-textures-scratches-cracks-silvering" The color channels that are captured in the color scan may provide some additional info.... which might aid in your repairs on the copy of the original


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        Re: restoration on a photo from 1865

        if you want to remove or lessen the ink stain of this magnitude, i'd seriously suggest consulting a conservator.


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