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FFT problem. Some idea?

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  • FFT problem. Some idea?

    Hi everybody. I have again one of these damaged picture to retouch. It has a global texture which must be removed so I used very carefuly the FFT filter, like always I'm doing. However, the final resoult still presents some horizontal line patterns as you can see in the attached sample. I did this 3 times again but the lines are always there.
    I've upload the high resolution file in this server:
    Maybe someone could give me a hand to solve this.
    PS "File not found" is fake. You can download it.
    Regards and thank you
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    Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

    I see where you painted out the pattern.

    The rest of your pattern is located almost along the vertical band in the FFT Power Spectrum. You have to block out THOSE frequencies, too.

    The danger is that the rest of your horizontal lines in the image will also go away.

    Can't find your original, high-quality image.
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      Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

      Thank you for answer.
      Open the link and clic above, over "Download this image"
      So, you say "You have to block out THOSE frequencies, too..." How should I do this? I used the FFT several times and had no resoult, the lines are still there..


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        Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

        Hi Florin
        I am not at all sure if this is of any help but the image link you posted is a grayscale version.

        I have tried with my version of FFT without any success even tried convert to RGB - I was going to try rotating the image and overlaying etc. I think that FFT needs therefore an RGB image to start with.


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          Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

          FFT does require an rgb image to start with. it uses the red channel to remove the texture.


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            Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

            Hi, thank you my friends.
            Yes, I've upload it as grey because is "lighter" than RGB. Just convert the mode from grey to rgb.
            I always use the green channel for the FFT, should I try with the red one?
            I'll make a try now.
            I must confess that I was doing this kind of retouch before (to be a member here) painting the image, every single pixel, but it's a damn job. Takes a lot of time. Last year, in ReouchPro I learned about this filter and I'm really saving a lot of working time whenever people are sending me these textured pictures. This is the first time it did not work well.


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              Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

              Well, I made a try inverting the image after the first FFT pass (invert + FFT again + re-invert) but the resoult it's not so attractive. The lines went away but the picture is too blurry.
              I belive this will be done with manually removing these lines.


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                Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

                Here is the image (JPEG, quality = 95 to stay under the 100KB limit) with the pattern removed.

                Also attached is the mask I used to do it. (scaled up to 1024x1024)

                Used my software (FoveaPro) because I wanted to see the problem.

                If you look at the mask in a vertical line down the center are a number of dots -- those dots represent the frequencies you were unable to remove when you did it by hand, above.
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                  Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

                  Another thing you can try if you're willing to rescan the image is to rotate it by about 15° so that none of the pattern falls on a horizontal or vertical line. That trick (rotate the image a little and try again) should be in your repertoire.

                  The problem here was that you could not distinguish the pattern from the power spectrum + cross shape to identify H & V frequencies that needed to be removed.


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                    Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

                    Very nice, JCR, much better than the FFT pass. Thank you
                    How could I get this mask/filter please?


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                      Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

                      The problem is that picture was sent via internet, I have not the original


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                        Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

                        It's called FoveaPro 4 (, but I'm no sure you want to pay $800 for a 177 plug-ins of which you'll only use a few.

                        I wasn't trying to push my software, but rather help you out. That Free FFT stuff you've been using has some limitations.

                        Something else that I wrote, called ClearID ($995 from has a one-stop plugin for removing patterns (called Pattern Remover). It is intended for Law Enforcement -- again at a price that is not exactly cheap.


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                          Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

                          Another trick with Fourier processing -- if you need to rotate, increase the image size to 200%, THEN Rotate, THEN Remove the frequencies, THEN scale it back down.

                          Normally, rotation causes blur, but if you scale the image up by 200% first...


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                            Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

                            K, I understand.
                            I'm always working over very high resolutions, 800 - 1200 dpi, 6 inch wide, this is my standard work space. This is the way I can zoom in and paint even the most smallest details. I'll try to apply this in my work. I was thinking the same about the FFT, sometimes it blures too much the images.
                            You're really a great professional, congratulations and thank you again for your time.


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                              Re: FFT problem. Some idea?

                              Interesting stuff. I have never heard of fft - is it a filter hidden somewhere in the PS (CS3) menu. Any links to explanations and other uses for fft appreciated.


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