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light stain removing

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  • light stain removing

    Hello there

    I need an advice from professionals - is it possible to remove this rainbow hotspot from the face? (Photoshop) and what is the technique

    P.S. I'm totally new here, hope I have not broken any rules. Thank You in advance!
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    Re: light stain removing

    The upper part can easily be defeated with a channel mixer set to "Luminosity" mode.
    Use monochromatic, 100% green, 5% constant.
    After that use a new layer on "Color" mode above and paint the according color of the skin.
    Now for the lower part and the optimization, you'll have to use more sophisticated methods like dodge & burn (which I found to be easiest).

    The eye still looks gross in my version though, because I didn't know the right colors/density.
    Maybe a sample from the other eye would help :-).
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      Re: light stain removing

      Jonas, great job!
      Papajka, welcome to RetouchPro! No you haven't broken any rules and you did well on your 1st posting. Jonas' recipe is probably your most efficient solution. The goal is even the brightness of the damaged area so that it matches the brightness of the none damaged area. Once you accomplish that, you can add a blank layer on top set to Color Blend mode and paint with any colors you wish, hopefully sourcing from good color elsewhere in the image.
      It turns out with this image, different variants of a Channel Mixer Adjustment layer will work. Whereas Jonas used the Green Channel, I used the blue channel setting it to 100%, setting the Red and Green both to 0, and setting the Constant slider to +25. That equalized the top section. For the lower part of the damaged area, I added a conventional darkening curve (burn) and darkened the area until it matched. Attached are two screen shots; the 1st one is a desaturated view used to adjust the brightness. The 2nd screenshot has the desaturated view turned off so you can see the color which looks pretty messy. However, a blank layer on top will allow you to paint over the bad color with good color sampled from adjacent undamaged area.
      Good luck with your restoration.
      Regards, Murray
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        Re: light stain removing

        Color correction on just the eye, sharpened some then overlayed on Der W's (Jonas) fine repair
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          Re: light stain removing

          You could use some curves adjustments layers, but it takes a lot of them.
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            Re: light stain removing

            Thank You for advices, the result still does not look naturally but Ill keep trying


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