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HELP! Photos stuck together

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  • HELP! Photos stuck together

    Hi all - I'm brand new here and know zilch about photography. I had a box of 200 photos stolen from me 10 years ago and had them (miraculously) returned to me today.
    There is water damage and what looks like hornets nesting in the box. Photos are stuck together - front to back - in clumps of up to 30. I don't know how long ago they were damaged but the 'clumps' are as solid as brick.
    I tried (on a few) soaking in room temp water and gently peeling apart. Colour is running (is that normal?) and some are still 'glued' together. I'll take them to a professional if need be.
    Should I try again or just hand them over?

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    Re: HELP! Photos stuck together

    Hi Mel
    Fantastic that you should have stolen items returned after such a long period. No idea what effect would be had from the hornets effluent - but I cannot imagine it will be good!

    Colour should not run on a colour photograph, however if they have been hand coloured (usually water colours) I can understand this washing off.

    If the photographs are treasured possessions I suggest that you hand them over to a professional restorer rather than risk further damage. While I am sure that the restorer will not offer any guarantees they may have access to chemicals and techniques that you do not.

    Good luck


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      Re: HELP! Photos stuck together

      I have had some success with leaving them in the freezer in a ziploc bag and some did come apart. but it did take a long time. There is also a scrapbookers product called un-du. It is photo safe and acid free. It might help and does not usually damage photos. It is available online and some scrapbook stores. You use to be able to get it at Target or Walmart. Maybe a Hobby lobby or Michaels Crafts. Hope this helps.