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    I have some old photos without negatives. I have two methods of copying them, either using a scanner which has a maximum 1200 dpi or a digital camera. The camera has three sizes available 640X480, 1024X768 or 2048X1536 pixels. I'm not sure how the pixel size of the camera relates to the dpi on the scanner. Which should I use to obtain the best results?

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    With regard to the camera, the more pixels the better. These images are usually 300dpi, with is sufficient for photos, so use your highest settings to get the most image information.

    I usually scan at 300dpi (600 if the detail is small, but after working on the photo, reduce the resolution to 300).



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      Thanks Vikki
      Do you think I will get the best results with the scannner or with the digital camera?


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        I've had much better luck with my Epson scanner.


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          Unless the photos are textured, I would scan them. I believe you will get more detail out of them and you don't have to worry about perfect focus with the camera.

          If the photos are textured, you'll probably have more luck (removing the texture and preserving detail) with the camera. As Vikki said, use the highest setting and you might need to use a polarizer for the best results.



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            It really depends on the size of the original that you are shooting with your digital camera. If the image is a wallet size, then the digital camera image would be about equal (in size) to the scan at 1200 dpi.

            Just devide the resolution of your camera into the image size to see what the final DPI would be.

            Personally, I would use the scanner, the light cource that it has will allow it to pick up much more image detail. If your computer will handle large file sizes, it is best to scan at the higher resolution, giving you at mush info to work with as possible. I scan all my restorations in at 2400 dpi or higher, this gived me LOTS of detail and info to work with, when I am done, I resize to 600dpi.




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              In most cases I use the scanner. The camera is nice for photos that have some sort of texture that reflects too much light in the scanner.