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    Hi All,
    Can you tell me how to removed texture from old photos without the lost of detail? I would like to remove the texture, retouch the photo then replace the texture. I use CS5 and Topaz ( middle of the road user on both)
    I have been visiting this site for a long time and have learned so much. Thank You.
    Fran H

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    Re: remove texture

    Could you upload an example of the image? Perhaps a low resolution version + a 100% crop?
    (Or upload the complete file somewhere and link it).

    With a real example it is easier to address the problem.

    If the texture is a repeating pattern using the FFT-technique might do the trick. If you are talking about texture that is more like noise, then it would have to done in a different way (perhaps a frequency separation, or similarly save a sample of the noise as a repeating pattern that can be blended back in later in areas that have lost the noise due to retouching).


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