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This photo is totally challanging...aacckkk

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  • This photo is totally challanging...aacckkk

    Once again this photo is my sister and it is so darn cute I have to do something to it to bring from being somewhat blurry...and old looking....HELP!!!!
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    Re: This photo is totally challanging...aacckkk

    1st try !!!!!!!!
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      Re: This photo is totally challanging...aacckkk am having a hard time with this one..
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        Re: This photo is totally challanging...aacckkk

        For best results, make sure you scan in very high resolution (try the highest setting), use 16 bits per channel (might be called 48-bit), and save it as TIFF or PSD. Do not at any point save it as JPEG.
        You now have the best possible starting point – this will give you less problems with noise, banding, and compression artefacts.

        On a new layer (or layers) use healing brush and clone stamp tool to clean up all the dust/damage/scratches. Set the tools to sample current and below.
        Above this layer use Curves adjustment layers to correct brightness/contrast, and use the layer masks to limit the adjustments do different parts of the image (as some parts have faded more than others).

        Don't crop it, or start adding effects and sharpening, until you are done and satisfied with the cleanup.

        You can keep a desaturating adjustment layer (hue/saturation, vibrance or black&white) set to Color Blend mode on top of your layer stack if you want to keep it black and white during the editing process. If you want to add the old-looking color back in I recommend a gradient map on top, set to Color blend mode (you could sample colours from the original if you wish).

        This image is not that badly damaged, and is fairly easy to restore (although all the healing/cloning might be a bit time consuming to get perfect). The fact that the original is slightly out of focus (blurry) is nothing that can be fixed. We can only enhance the details already in the image (using sharpening). How much it can be "enhanced" I can't really tell from the lowres jpeg.
        I've made an attached example.

        Edit #2:
        Tip: On the high resolution version, before your cloning/healing, make a copy of the background layer, then use Filter>Noise>Dust & Scratches... and use 1-2 px radius, and a low Threshold. This can save you some cloning as it might remove many of the smallest specs of dust. Check carefully by turning it on/off that it doesn't remove any detail that you want to keep (if it does, you can use a mask to hide the layer in those areas).
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          Re: This photo is totally challanging...aacckkk

          Thank you so much for the details on restoring photos such as this. I printed out what you wrote and will use it for further photos...It is so helpful to get information from people who really understand the editing programs. Thank you again so very much!!!! I appreciate that you have taken the time for me. Have a Great Week



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            Re: This photo is totally challanging...aacckkk

            There's plenty of colour in here if you work on it.
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              Re: This photo is totally challanging...aacckkk

              Jaykat can you tell us what size is the original photograph and what were your scanning settings including dpi. bit depth etc.
              Chain is correct you really need the best quality scan you can get prior to attempting restoration.

              The restoration itself is not too problematic IMO clean up dust and scratches on the image using your pref. tools you can apply an overall filter but this will tend to soften the image which already is somewhat blurred.

              It is difficult to improve on a blurred image but you may be able to suggest an image is sharper by applying local contrast using curves - in this case I isolated the baby face and body with a mask and applied a curve.

              I also used Noise reduction via Noiseware to suppress the noise and at the same time sharpen.

              IMO you should not be attempting to crop this image as all you are likely to end up with is a bigger more blurred sister

              I only did a little healing of the image and much work is still needed. For instance I was unsure about hair detail just over the eyes. Hopefully your much larger scan will reveal what you need to do here.
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                Re: This photo is totally challanging...aacckkk

                Hi Tony,

                It is a very small photo....I love what ya all did...I think it looks great...and I have been learning so much from a lot of people and taking on challenges on here as get more practice...I am always really hard on editing my photos because I never can get them perfect...hahaha...


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