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    Hey photoshop junkies, I'm mid-way through a restoration of a photo for a friend of mine. This is the only remaining photo of him as a baby being held in up by his father. His father died when he was a boy. He had only a few photos which were destroyed when his house burned down. Imagine how happy he was when I reminded him I thought I had scanned one of the photos when we lived together as roommates.

    So, I got part way through, and then got a bit distracted by life. I kind of just cloned away and took artistic license to fill in the blanks. I want to stay true to the original but clean it up a bit. I am simply wondering if anyone here has any advice on what I should do next. It still needs some more clean-up, which is a painstaking process. The baby feet are really weird, because there was not really any information to work from there. I thought maybe it would not be noticable, but I guess I am going to have to scour the web and fine suitable substitutes to mask in.

    Let me know if you have any advice to offer. I do not want to change the background because the original Moroccan backdrop is important to the context of this image.

    Thanks for any helpful input or inspiration to wrap this up,
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    Re: Any advice...

    I think I am going to add the yellowed tinge back in at the end because I think it adds to the nostalgia.


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      Re: Any advice...

      Great work thus far!

      A couple things that stand out to me are...
      1: the bright spots around the chin area on the child

      2: I think I would copy and flip the childs left foot that you made look so good and put it on the right to replace the blurred one there..

      and I would definitely bring back a touch of the yellow/brown and offer the client a choice


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        Re: Any advice...

        Thanks! Yeah, I, too, was also thinking the face needs some more work. We'll see what I can do for those feet...


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          Re: Any advice...

          OlBaldy is right,the chin on the baby realy stands out,still great work


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            Re: Any advice...

            looks to be some kind of stain on the right foot (his right) and something else on the left, maybe fading or bleaching of some kind. just rebuild as best you can and dont get caught up too much by details with less significance. you've done a nice job on the main parts and overall. no one is going to upbraid you about the feet except someone who is a real pain in the butt and we dont worry too much about those types but, if you feel compelled, do a tight zoom and dont use the clone brush. use smudge or push with a tiny brush and do it on a blank layer with 'use all layers' set to on. much easier to control that way.


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