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  • why does adobe...?

    HI! how do one person knows that you used photoshop in optimizing your images to be displayed in the web? Is there a way for me to disable this so i can still use photoshop and image ready for my web images. thanks for reading my post.

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    If I read your post correctly then the answer is no you can't turn off the Save for Web feature in Photoshop, but then neither should you want to. If you want to use Image Ready then just choose File>Jump to>Image Ready, you can keep Photoshop running in the background.

    Hope that helps?


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      I think you mean can someone tell that you used photoshop on your images if they are displayed on the web? I don't think so Garfield unless photoshop leaves a code of some sort, but I don't think that is so. If Mike and I are both wrong, see if you can explain your question differently. Thanks


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        I just ran some tests, saving from Photoshop using Save for Web and not using Save for Web, with profiles turned on and off. Each time I was able to find the word "Adobe" in the jpeg by opening it in a text editor. And I imagine there are utilities that are even better at reading the header.

        I took the same Adobe picture and told ACDSee Classic to convert it to a jpeg (which it already is), but this was to get ACDSee to resave it using its own engine. After doing this, the Adobe text was gone. Also, it looks like ACDSee Classic did not add it's name to the file.

        So it looks like the solution might be to use another program to resave it -- one that does not stick its name in there.


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          Andrew -- thanks for the tests. I've accidentally opened a jpeg file with a text editor and seen words, but didn't even think about it being an identifying code encapsulated in the image.


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            Thanks for the info Andrew. Hope it helps garfield.


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              yup what andrew said is true. bec. my teacher told me he could tell if i used ps or not, so i asked u guys. can i just delete the entry and just resave it in the text editor? or will it destroy the image i saved in ps? BTW, acdsee is not a freeware and i need a freeware graphic editor with features like ps. but its all right. thanks for clarifyng


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                Originally posted by garfield
                i need a freeware graphic editor with features like ps.
                Check this out: the GIMP click on Gimp for Windows (you can get a link to the installer there) it had lots of the features of photoshop, and it is freeware.

                - David


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                  Garfield -- you got your question answered; how about answering a question for me? Why would you want/need to hide the PShop code in your images? What difference does it make to your instructor or anyone else whether you used PShop or PSP or GIMP or ??
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                    Judging from the look of the file when I opened it, I would guess that just deleting all cases of "Adobe" would cause the file to crash. Also, I noticed some places where it also said "Photoshop," so who knows what else is in there.

                    Someone here mentioned Gimp, and that's probably your best bet. It's a free graphic editor, and a pretty darn good one. You could load your Adobe file into Gimp, resave, and then check the header. Or you can do your editing in Gimp. Either way, at least you can say you used Gimp.

                    By the way, why does your teacher require students to NOT use an Adobe product.


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                      if i edit in adobe and then just reopen it in gimp is it possible for the name adobe to disappear in the filename or any trace for that matter? Because my professor dont want us to use ps unless we are sure that we can produce the real licensed one, because almost all of my classmates and i only cd write our copies to a friend so that's the reason why i need another one. i hate gimp its powerful but its hard to study another and it is not GUI!!!!


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                        Do I understand you correctly, by thinking you and your friends are copying registered versions of Photoshop to share with others?



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                 understand. It is quite a common question in other forums that I have been in. I have, in the past, guested at a local high school and a local community college. Both require that you show proof of ownership for things like Photoshop, GoLive etc. I even had to prove that I owned the software on the PowerBook that I used in classes at the college. I haven't done it in 3 years, but i am certain that the rules really haven't changed much.


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                            if i create an image in photoshop and then resave that again at gimp will it still leave trace that i use adobe in it?


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                              if i create an image in photoshop and then resave that again at gimp will it still leave trace that i use adobe in it? - garfield
                              If it's an illegal copy - yes.


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