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  • Another Newbie/Tutorials?

    Hi there everyone!! I am another newbie to this site!! So far I have had a wonderful time visiting and learning from others. I am buying PhotoShop 7.0. My interests are in restoration and retouching. Anyone know of any GREAT tutorials for PS 7.0? Is this the software I should be getting? Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks much. Tim

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    Hi Tim! Welcome to Retouchpro. Yep, PS7 is the program to have. If you look through the forum topics here you will see one dedicated to Photoshop and another full of Tutorials. Lots of good information here, and links to tutorials on the web as well. Also, the Adobe website has good tutorials on Photoshop.

    My own favorite source for Photoshop tips is Ben Willmore's book "Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Studio Techniques."

    Have fun with PS7 and please hang around and show us what you are doing with it.



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      Hi Tim:

      Let me add my welcome.

      It concerned me a bit reading in the same paragraph that you're getting Photoshop and asking if this is the right application.

      While Photoshop without question is frequently the choice of professionals and serious amateurs, you can do an awful lot with Photoshop Elements 2 for a whole heck of a lot less money.

      If you decided to start with Elements now and then make a transition to PS down the road, skill / knowledge-wise what one learns with Elements translates nearly 100% to Photoshop.

      RE: PS tutorials
      While not PS7 specific, this is one of the better tutorials I've found on the net for basic Photoshop skills. (Many of the lessons apply to Elements as well.) It is based on PS5, but conceptually, applies to any verson.

      Regardless which software you decide to get, be prepared for a fairly lengthly learning curve. PS or PSE are nothing more than a box of digital tools... and a box of tools does not make a carpenter, plumber, electrician or digital restoration artist. It takes time and experience in order to learn to use the tools well. You'll be greatly disappointed if you think within a couple weeks after spending hundreds on Photoshop that you'll be good at using it.

      I'm not you this to discourage you, but to give you realistic expectations. Although the learning curve is steep and long, to me the seemingly endless learning opportunities Photoshop affords is like getting ice cream everyday. I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the journey.

      Welcome again and hope to see you around the fourms.



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        Welcome aboard from another who is interested in restoration/retouching. While Photoshop is usually referred to as "King", there are plenty of other programs that perform admirably. Check out some of the older challenges, and you'll see some of the things that have been done with Paint Shop Pro, and Photo Deluxe (now, Elements), as well as others. Like Danny pointed out, it will take time to learn everything about any of the programs. Whichever program you choose, you should be able to get plenty of help from this site, but there are more users of Photoshop here. Just jump in and have fun. That's what it's all about.



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          photoshop is the best tool out there(in my opion) but it can be very frustrating to the new user. my suggestion is to take a beginners course at a local collage just to get used to the tools and what each one can do. these courses don't even scratch the surface of what photo shop can do but they can prevent the frustation that can happen(voice of experience). Another very good resource other than this site is "Photoshop restoration and retouching" by Katrin Eismann
          Good Luck and Happy Photoshoping


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            Speaking as another newbie - both to RP and PS, my vote for great tutorials has to go to this very site!

            Some of the things I have learnt in the last week (that's how long i've bben here!) have taught me lots. If nothing else, they've taught me to play!

            Once you've done the tuts, have a play and see what different effects you can get! I love it here.

            Oops, the boss is coming . . .


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              For a couple of free Photoshop courses, beginners and an advanced course you could try I started with those and then found this site through another student. You get so much help from people on this site, it is really excellent.


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