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  • Matting?

    Hi everyone!

    If I cut a person out and paste him/her into another background that's what they end up looking like even if I put a shadow in.

    I heard there is a process called matting which eliminates that pasted in look.

    Anyone familiar with it? Can anyone lend advice on how to use it effectively.

    Thank you,


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    Here's a pretty easy tutorial that should get you where you want to be. If that doesn't do it, just let us know. Good luck, and welcome to RP.



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      First when you select the person you should feather some. Then go to select>modify contract>1 or 2 and do a filter>blur>gausian by a small amount then drag to your photo to put it in.
      Then you can go to layer>matting where you can do a defringe of a small amount and then a remove white or black depending on original background shade.
      This with a slight drop shadow should make it appear to fit in not look pasted on top. Of course it also helps to have close to same light values as well.


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        Beyond the matting, defringing, putting in shadows and the tutorial Ed made, there is another consideration that can make it or break it for you. That's the lighting. Take note of the images you're blending together and check out where the highlights are on their features. If one has a shadow on the left side of their face and the one you're putting in has shadows on his right side then you will have another problem to work through besides sharp cut out edges. If possible, try to get subjects that match lighting directions because that can be a tough one to work around if not.


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          Thanks everyone. It worked well.

          Jay J.


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