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Why isn't square selection square?

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  • Why isn't square selection square?

    Why is it that when I try to make a square or rectangular selection in PS7 the edges are rounded?

    Thank you,

    Jay J

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    Is the feather amount set to zero? If not, the corners will appear rounded.



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      Hi Jeanie,

      Thanks for the reply. Yes there was considerable feathering. I figured it was something simple like that. So I guess there is no way to feather a selection and keep the square edges?

      Jay J


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        Well, the more feathering, the more rounded it will look - just the nature of the feathering.

        Another way to do this - and to see if visually - is to set the feather amount to zero. Then make your selection with the rectangular marquee tool. Now, click on the Quick Mask button and you'll see the mask version of the selection. With the mask showing, go to Filters->Blur->Gaussian Blur and move the slider until you get the amount of feathering you want. (Make sure the Preview box is checked.) Then, click the selection button to get out of Quick Mask mode. The selection will probably be rounded at this point, but it actually looks like the QuickMask that you had.

        Since the feathering softens everything, the corners won't be sharp by definition. But, you're making it sound as though the edges (not just the corners) are rounded - in which case you must have a huge feather amount. What is it that you're trying to do?



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          I'm now a square, just like I used to be


          I was merely trying to create a rectangular selection without rounded corners for cropping purposes. I couldn't understand why once there were no corners and now there are.

          I knew the answer would be something simple that I was over looking. It was indeed the feathering.

          No deep underlying reason for the question. Just straight forward and thanks for advising me.

          It's good to be a square sometimes.

          Regards, Jay J