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  • Opening Eyes

    Hi there,

    I need advice on the best way to open eyes within a document.
    I have spent several hours on this and still it does not look right.
    Could someone please advise the best method for such a task.


    I have attached the document with the eyes shut .
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    Welcome aboard Caroline. I'll let somebody who has more experience with that answer that one for you. But I think that would make an excellent tutorial if someone wanted to tackle it. When you see the help you'll get here, I'm sure you won't be a stranger. Glad to have you as a member.



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      Eyes wide open...

      Hi Caroline

      I've had to do a couple of retouches like you're asking for. What helped me was having other pictures (obviously of the same person) with their eyes open.

      From that, I was able to borrow/clone and place the open eyes where needed.

      From there it is a matter of opacities, adjustments to match everything up.

      Sorry, this isn't a very technical description and my example I could show you is at home...but maybe I could post that tonight.

      Good luck


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        Welcome aboard Caroline. Eyes are among the most identifiable feature on our faces so trying to simulate or paint them in is very very difficult. I would have to agree with Jeffrey here. The best way is to look through photos to find pictures of her to clone the eyes from. You will probably have to resize them to fit and possibly angle and skew them using transform to fit them in properly. I usually lower the opacity of the layer to see through to the layer below to fit them in properly then using a layer mask and a soft edge brush you can soften the edges to blend them in to the original. Good luck.


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          thanks everyone - this is all great info - I'll get back to trying it once again !


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            HI Caroline, welcome to RetouchPro. I have to agree with Jeffery and DJ, the best way is to use the eyes from another photo. There is one thing I will add to their advice though, becareful not to have her eyes too wide open, remember the lighting situation. I mean don't take an indoors photo with nice wide open eyes and put in an outdoor situation, that's going to look strange. Good luck, post your results we would love to see how you handle it.
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              Have them open when you take the shot!! J/K

              I would have to agree that the best thing to do is copy another pair of eyes (from the same person) and place them in the proper position using a lowered opacity and transforming the new eyes to fit the old face.

              Try to find a matching set taken from the same direction and lighting, this will help you.

              Eyes that are "painted" in stand out from a mile away and should be avoided if at all possible.

              Just hope you can get eyes from another picture. If you cant, shoot your own eyes (or a friends) and use them, transform them to fit the face, and be sure and change the color!




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