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My 2nd restoration thread

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  • Restore Studio
    Re: My 2nd restoration thread

    First, I'd turn it to black and white. Then I'd play with the levels to bring out the brightness a bit. Then I'd run a filter like neat image on a medium setting to reduce the noise. After that I'd go back and touch up the lip, probably just using the paintbrush real slow. Then you could use the spot healing brush to repair some of the other imperfections in the photo.

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  • Cupcake
    Re: My 2nd restoration thread

    Pretty much the same thing like before.
    The lip will be some work.
    The teeth at the top has black on it.
    Lipstick is below the lip, needs to be fixed also.
    Use healing tool and clone tool.
    Be careful, use small brush.

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  • Gabriel Pinto
    started a topic My 2nd restoration thread

    My 2nd restoration thread

    Hi again everyone.

    Now I have my second photo restoration to do. It's a portrait of my 1st restoration subject's wife (here)
    Both these were taken in 1946.

    What I kindly ask you is that you guide me trough this restoration in a step by step basis. I don't want you to do any of the work for me, just advise me of what you think I should do next so I can practise.

    What's the first thing you'd do with it?
    Search channels for best spot removal results and apply a channel mixer layer? My pending choice. If so, should I turn it to B&W?
    Levels adjustment layer?
    Spot removal with healing/clone tool?

    Here's the photo scanned at 600dpi:
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