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Is small the way to go?

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  • Is small the way to go?

    Any input on going small with pictures as portable keepsakes as opposed to doing large wall size pictures? Here is an example of what I mean. The canvas size is about4x5 and I can cut out the oval and display it in a clear glass frame. The picture was one I took of my daughter-in-law and I placed it on an art background I scanned in.
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    I think it is an excellent idea. Your example is stunning! Would you also supply frames/lockets etc. for displaying/storing them? Tom


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      or how about printing TINY portraits for miniature enthusiasts?

      I bet there are people out there who would love to decorate their doll house with real familiy pictures!

      OR.....with the holidays coming, how about ornaments for the tree?

      or better still how about a "family tree" for genealogists?

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        Good ideas. I instantly thought about the lockets, as did Tom. The miniature framed photos for dollhouses is a *great* idea too. Miniatures sell for a good buck, and you don't even have to sharpen them! What more could you ask for?



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          Ornaments for the Christmas tree and creating a "family tree" for genealogists enthusists...what great ideas! Now I might have some ideas for that hard to get person on my shopping list!



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            Capturing the miniature market. Great idea. I did it for myself and never even thougt of a possible market. I bought a watch that clips to my pocketbook and it has a heart shaped frame to put a favorite photo in. I put my 2 dogs as puppies on a background together, miniaturized it and even made several with different color backgrounds so I could change them if I wanted. It was cute. I can see a market here and you guys have some great ideas. Keep the think tanks going.


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              Go take a look...

              At the auction sites online and put in Miniature and your find a large space that needs the painting or photos you mention...

              Go for it!


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