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Photo Restored [B&W] turned brown

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  • Photo Restored [B&W] turned brown

    Had a black and white photo with cracks retouched and the folks did a nice job but the true shade was gone! It turned brownish sort of rust tone.
    They have yet to write me back with explanation...thought i'd ask here for
    a description and grammar syntax of what occurred >
    thank ya!

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    Re: Photo Restored [B&W] turned brown

    Sounds possible that the retoucher decided to apply a Sepia tone effect to your original. Quite common for some older photographs but I would have thought that if the original not toned that it should have been mentioned before applying the effect


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      Re: Photo Restored [B&W] turned brown

      'Mentioned' is the key>>> they got back to me and all is well
      Happy Solstice and Mayan Calandar [Long Count Version] cycle!?


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