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  • Help decrack and dustspotter

    I tried to download these zip files to my Mac and it doesnt know what to do with them. Is there something different about these files? I know I downloaded decrack before.

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    MAC doesn't really know what to do with a zip file from here, for some reason. Just name it "whatever" dot zip when you save it, and it will work fine.


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      Actually I had to update my stuffit expander and that part worked just fine. But I dropped them in the actions folder and they do not show up under actions.


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        I just downloaded the Decrack Action and everything went fine in PS7. Maybe it’s just the sequence you have to follow to get it to work on your Mac. Here’s the sequence, the same for PS6 :

        Drop the .atn file into the Presets >Photoshop Actions folder.

        1. Select the “Actions” tab in the History palette
        2. Click on the arrow icon at the top right of the palette
        3. A menu of choices pops up.
        4. Select “Load Actions”. (This is probably the step you missed)
        5. Window pops up, find the Decrack.atn file and select.

        The Decrack.atn file will now show up in your Actions palette.

        If you have the file already open in PS :

        1. From the PS menu : File > Automate > Batch
        2. If you have the file already open : Source > Opened files
        3. If not : Source > Folder > Choose and navigate to the file you want the action to work on.

        Hope you can find your way from here on. Good luck!


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          Here is a blind link to a hidden file on my site:

          This is a drag-n-drop utility to add resource fork entry that reads as Photoshop and a code that tells the Finder that this is a Photoshop action. Only drag actions onto this app, please virus check and use caution etc, no warranty, use at your own risk and all usual disclaimers apply. <g>

          You should still be able to go to the actions palette and load in this file and then save it out again as an action, that will also add the classic Mac OS filetype and creator code info in the Mac specific resource fork.

          My site also has the same utility preset into different file formats, so if you are a classic Mac OS user and you hate that PictureViewer or whatever 'owns' a file when you double click it - you can then quickly change it to Photoshop. Very handy for PC > Mac or missing resource fork info, such as in this situation.

          "PC > Mac Photoshop Image Associator" - read the text and download the file at the above link.

          Stephen Marsh.


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