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Another Photo I Need Suggestions About


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  • kendon11
    Seriously need help with this photo
    by kendon11
    Hope I can figure out how to attach!!!
    Anyway, only one of the faces in this photo is overexposed, that and the wedding gown. The rest of the photo looks fairly good to me. How can I correct just one section?...
    04-23-2008, 06:02 PM
  • Britsdad
    Another one for Craig
    by Britsdad
    Hi all,
    Here's another one of "mine" for Craig, being as he likes them. It's a photo of a friend with her mother. They had a hard life after her father was killed at the beginning of world war 2.
    Her mother worked in the munitions factories around Pontefract in...
    06-30-2007, 10:13 AM
  • mgaleone
    Suggestions on how to fix this
    by mgaleone
    This is an old color photo of my father's family. It is in terrible shape as the colors and brightness is off. I have PhotoShop 7.0. Any ideas of what I can do to fix?...
    11-23-2006, 08:52 AM
  • John_D
    Is this photo repairable?
    by John_D
    We are scanning in our oldest photos and I came across this photo that is in really bad shape. It is a special photo and is approximately 70 years old.

    I can do basic repairs to photos, but, with this one I have no idea of where to start... or if it can be repaired at all.
    03-31-2007, 10:16 AM
  • marliz
    Rare photo of my mother - Mid 1920s; Impossible?
    by marliz
    I scanned this in grayscale at 600 pixels/inch Resolution, 8 bits, almost 6 X 9 size. It was scanned about fifteen years ago and I've lost the original. I don't know if scanning at 16 bit in RBG at a higher resolution would have helped, but it is too late now.

    I've tried "equalize,"...
    03-25-2012, 06:52 PM
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  • Another Photo I Need Suggestions About

    This one was also scanned into Photoshop CS6 at a fairly high resolution (1200). It looks as if the photo was grainy by design, and that is fine. But it's the white that shows up - probably as a result of friction on the actual photo - that I want to be rid of. It had been out of a frame for years and stacked in with other photos. My only thought is to go in with the healing brush, but the amount of these would make this a daunting task. Again, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Another Photo I Need Suggestions About

    Hi Frankwil, I used two really fast easy steps. You could spend a bit more time making masks but I didn't really think it was needed.

    I created a new layer, used the dust and scratches filter till the white was gone. My settings were 2 and 20 but yours may be different on your larger image. Then I switched the blend mode to darken.

    I added another layer because I saw some color mess in the blouse. Gaussian blur at 7 and then switch blend mode to color.

    BTW normally I'd adjust for contrast prior to making these adjustments.
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      Re: Another Photo I Need Suggestions About

      This posted pic has a lot of jpg artifacts. That makes difficult to address the white spots. Did you scan the original to tif?
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        Re: Another Photo I Need Suggestions About

        No, it was to jpeg. But this specific image was processed for the web through PS, where as the original is not, and shows none of the artifacts this one exhibits.


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          Re: Another Photo I Need Suggestions About

          I just use a noise program on it and levels & some healing
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            Re: Another Photo I Need Suggestions About

            Ended up using crazyfly1's method with the dust and scratches filter, but I don't remember what I set them to - sorry. With the larger image, I used the brightness/contrast to darken. I didn't see the color mess you mentioned in the blouse. It turned out great. The original image was grainy by design anyway, so I'm glad I preserved that. Thank you to crazyfly1 for the answer and to everyone else for their suggestions.
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              Re: Another Photo I Need Suggestions About

              I know you selected but wanted to give it shot anyways
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                Re: Another Photo I Need Suggestions About

                Wow! That's impressive. Can you describe the process you used?


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                  Re: Another Photo I Need Suggestions About

                  followed cupcake's advice and used the Neat plugin to reduce the noise, than channel mixer to get the best b/w image. Finally added a color balance and than ctrl + alt + shift + e and did some dodge and burn

                  Photoshop can reduce noise, but sometimes a little plugin like "neat" can help alot..