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White Speckled Modern Photo - Quicker Way?

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  • White Speckled Modern Photo - Quicker Way?

    As you can see this photo has white speckles all over...

    My first instinct is to get out the healing and patch tool and start digging in...

    However, I am here to ask if there is a faster more efficient way?

    Can anyone advise me... and if there is a better / quicker way... Can you help me with the steps?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: White Speckled Modern Photo - Quicker Way?

    I used Polaroid (free) dust and scratch filter

    (copy layer.... on top layer run Polaroid Dust and Scratch removal with the Light Dust Box Checked...
    Hide all mask... paint white on mask on remaining scratches.......
    combine all onto new layer.... Clone/Heal on this layer.... combine all onto new layer.... Hue/Sat- (desaturate and darken Red and Magenta ) Hide all mask.. paint white on the red eyes)

    ~~~Original~~~~~~ Polaroid~~~~~Work Flow
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      Re: White Speckled Modern Photo - Quicker Way?

      I did a search for the plugin and cannot find a link thats not broken... I have a Mac & using CS5. Is there a link to this thats still good? Thank you for your help 0lBaldy - I truly appreciate it

      Best Wishes
      Debbie aka Felinawi

      [QUOTE=0lBaldy;315986]I used Polaroid (free) dust and scratch filter

      (copy layer.... on top layer run Polaroid Dust and Scratch removal with the Light Dust Box Checked...


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        Re: White Speckled Modern Photo - Quicker Way?

        Not sure but I think the Polaroid dust and scratch removal is only a Windows plugin.

        I think you should get an acceptable result using Photoshop own Dust and Scratch found in the Filter/Noise menu. Duplicate your background layer then run Dust &Scratch filter. Keep an eye on the dialogue window and increase amount slowly (I think I ran this at about 5 threshold unknown). Not moved everything but only a little tidy up to do.

        Should you find that detail is obliterated in certain areas paint on a mask layer to disguise by bringing back the original layer.

        Click on the attachment and wait a few seconds to see the effect of PS D&S
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          Re: White Speckled Modern Photo - Quicker Way?

          I wanted to try it out using a method in the Katrin book where you copy the layer and place into darken mode and move the layer one pixel to the right and maybe one down... with this method you have to be careful not to leave out important detail, but its great at removing a lot of white specs quickly in the background... remember you can always mask in areas you do not want affected..

          I also used the patch tool to remove a couple hot spots on the ladies..

          I merged the layers into one and use on an empty layer above it the spot
          healing brush in darken mode to remove any other white specks.
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            Re: White Speckled Modern Photo - Quicker Way?

            Thank you Nazca13 - wow that is a different way to do it and it looks good. I am always stuck on red eye also because the red eye tool does not always work good. Any hints on this?


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              Re: White Speckled Modern Photo - Quicker Way?

              Tony W thank you .. I did try the dust and scratch I did get some decent results... still working things out... I am playing with it more

              Thank you so much again .. you all have been wonderful!

              P.S. I did find a Stand Alone Mac Version of the Polaroid Dust & Scratch Removal - Here is the link in case anyone needs it ...


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                Re: White Speckled Modern Photo - Quicker Way?

                Felinawi, sorry for the delay... the red eye tool should have been taken out a long time ago.. Deke offers a great solution, but it is toooo much work for most of us and maybe a little over the top, but it works... Most people use the hue/sat... so for example.. you have a photo with red eyes > add a hue/sat > change to red color > and desaturate till desired... of course all of the photo will be reduced in red, but add a black mask and paint in where you need the red reduced.... you could also use selective color adjustment or maybe color range? or use hue/sat in colorize mode and mask the color in?? hope it helps


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