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Really bad white haze fix.

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  • Really bad white haze fix.

    Hey guys,

    Been messing around with this image to remove the white haze on the left hand size of the image.

    2nd image is what i have done so far, can it get any better than that? is it too dark?

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    Re: Really bad white haze fix.

    if you mask out your haze area you can adjust it to match the rest of the image then apply your overall feel and effect you want for the image. some additional retouching would help just to smooth out the lines. I started adjusting your pic to show you the kinds of adjustment layers that might be needed.
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      Re: Really bad white haze fix.

      Thanks a lot, i will try the adjustments you did.

      I first scanned the image and try to work on it but the IQ was not the greatest, so then i took a picture with my DSLR and i was able to get somewhat of better IQ and the haze was not as visible.

      Thanks a lot, i will continue to post, as i make some progress.


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