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The Lt. Colonel's Wife

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  • The Lt. Colonel's Wife

    This is a photo of my husband's great great grandfather's wife. As you can see, it needs help. I have made an attempt. Please let me know if I am on the right path or way off. Thanks!!
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    Re: The Lt. Colonel's Wife

    I am excited about this image -- it is a tintype - I have never tried one of these before. I hope to get it finished and printed and put in a small frame to go with some of our other "oldies." Thanks for any input/suggestions/criticisms. All are appreciated!


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      Re: The Lt. Colonel's Wife

      You are doing a nice job
      I am sure it will take a long time
      I have one but mine looks VG
      Glad I don't have to do this one


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        Re: The Lt. Colonel's Wife

        Thank you Cupcake. I'll keep working along. I am planning to tone down the yellow a bit but that can wait! : ) Will post when complete.


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