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  • Old Tintype

    Who fancies a go at this one then?
    I know nothing about it, other than it was in, what looks like, a home made frame, was behind glass, and had to be removed from the front. (ie. there was no removable rear to the frame)

    Any advise on how to go about restoring this will be welcome :o)

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    Re: Old Tintype

    Here's a quick fix using Levels, Shadows/Highlights, Dodging and conversion to grayscale (all PS native). Dust and scratches repair are extra! ;-)
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      Re: Old Tintype

      I would fix the faces & outfits.
      Keep the Tin look ( that is what it is )!
      Here is what I mean.
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        Re: Old Tintype

        This is what I ended up doing.....

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          Re: Old Tintype

          Looks very good!!!


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            Re: Old Tintype

            Thank you ;o)


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              Re: Old Tintype

              Hi John.....My attempt at restoring your tin type photo.

              regards Carolyn


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                Re: Old Tintype

                Sorry Saddles,

                I don't see an attachment


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                  Re: Old Tintype

                  Hi Britsdad.

                  I was unable to post due to the small size of the image, when I reduced the image to 100 kb's the image became very distorted.

                  So if you want a larger image so you are able to print a decent photo give me your addy and I will send one to you.

                  regards Carolyn


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