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Photo - Historical Identification

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  • dennybeall
    Re: Photo - Historical Identification

    The double row of buttons is consistant with the uniforms of firefighters but also consistant with merchant marine officers. Good luck with your search. The file is a tad small to make a good restoration....

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  • irshgrlkc
    Re: Photo - Historical Identification

    Originally posted by dkcoats View Post
    I have a hunch that isn't a military uniform. Fireman, maybe?
    Interesting thought, thank you for taking a look. I was thinking maybe railroad? The hat is really throwing me.

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  • dkcoats
    Re: Photo - Historical Identification

    I have a hunch that isn't a military uniform. Fireman, maybe?

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  • irshgrlkc
    started a topic Photo - Historical Identification

    Photo - Historical Identification

    Hi All,

    I've been going through a bunch of my families old pictures and restoring them and I've come across a bit of conundrum. I have this picture, with no annotation on the back. I am trying to figure out who he is (have genealogy of the family going back to the 1400's) but I don't have enough knowledge of military uniforms of the past.

    Knowing there are quite a few experts on this site, I was hoping someone might point me in the right direction so I can identify this guy on the family tree. Don't know if it will help, but my family is from New England (the 4 on the hat - regiment?).

    For all others, feel free to play around and practice your restoration skills. My WIP is also attached.


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