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  • Silvering


    I'm attempting to remove the silvering from this photo of my grandma. I tried using lurch's instructions several times, but I must be doing something wrong because it really do anything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Silvering

    You may get a satisfactory result this way - I assume you are using Photoshop?
    • Curves layer to get overall density and contrast correct
    • Hue and Sat layer reduce the blue and cyan by adjusting the saturation and lightness to -100 each
    • D&B layer to dodge the brides dress and other areas that need lightening and burn background to disguise uneven tones
    • Channel Mixer to set monochrome image
    • Optional use Sepia tone as this example or just leave as is.

    The attachment is a quick example and is a starting point to refine the image. Wait a few seconds for the image to change before and after.
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      Re: Silvering

      Hope this helps.

      1. I first check the channels
      2. I chose the red channels then did image, mode, greyscale and discard the rest of the channels!
      3. I did a level adjustment layers
      4. done a copy put mode to multiply to darken certain areas
      5. then done hue/saturation adjustment layer
      6. colour for sepia hue 49 saturation 13 for the sepia colour

      hope this helps


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        Re: Silvering

        A huge thank you to Tony W and sergio2263! Both of those methods were much easier to do than what I had been doing and they both look much better. I tried both and will continue playing with them to see which one I can make look the best. Then I'll clean up some of the remaining graininess. Thanks again!


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