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  • skin repair

    Im halfway through trying to restore this image. Im having trouble correcting the damage on the ladys right leg. Im using photoshop cs6. I have tried selecting the area with the pen tool and then applied a curves and a levels adjustment to try and lighten the skin tone but i just cant get a result im happy with. Ive also tried the dodge tool and the color replacement tool. Ive only been practising restoration maybe 3 months so ive run out of ideas. Any other ideas for cleaning up the rest of the image would also be very much appreciated.
    Thank You
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    Re: skin repair

    You could try using the healing tool on her leg to get rid of the white portions. Then even out and lighten the skin tone with the dodge tool. Here's an example image of the results of me doing that. Hope this helps!


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      Re: skin repair

      @CPorter That helped a lot thank you very much.


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