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  • Old Baseball Team Photo

    I have visited the forum for several years but have never posted. I have learned much from visiting. I am interested in your suggestions as to how best to clean up the team photo at this link. I started with a photo since I am not able to obtain a scan of the original. My effort to date is included though it could still use much work. The photo combines two things that generally wouldn't be found together - Otsego County and Ty Cobb. I am trying to improve the image myself but as you can see my progress is modest. You can see from the other images that it has a yellow stain.

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    Re: Old Baseball Team Photo

    I think your progress is pretty good and taking your last B&W image as a starting point just made a few simple changes which you may find help.

    Select the top half of the image and apply curves to balance out top row to bottom.
    Select the grass only and lighten with curves. I would also prefer to clone out the writing as it is distracting and not too sharp. If needed you could copy the writing and add as a text layer.
    Dodge and burn areas in trees and man on far right (bit scruffy but you will do better!)
    Sharpen layer - went a little too far maybe!
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      Re: Old Baseball Team Photo


      Thank you. I appreciate you giving it a go and will try for myself the steps you took. I kind of like the writing on the photo since many of the players are "ringers" retained to play on this team for the state championship. Ty Cobb was reportedly paid for $1,000 to play in one or two games. Not so much today but a lot of money in 1914. The team was sponsored by wealthy lumber mill owner from a small town in Michigan. The thing that struck me about the photo was Ty Cobb standing in it though on more investigation several of the other players had ties to Michigan but more importantly were professionals.

      I like what you have done and the good news is that it wasn't in terrible shape to begin with. I have always been impressed by the variety of ways to restore a photo and often the efforts I see here while different are good in their own way. There never seems to be only one way to go about the work of restoring a photo.


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