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photorestauration of old grandad image

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  • photorestauration of old grandad image

    Hi all.
    I am in progress of restoring an old image with my grandad in it. it was a small 9x6 cm image i scanned and started working on..
    the sides are hevy scratched how can I do this part?

    high res image

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    Re: photorestauration of old grandad image

    Here is the idea I have.
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      Re: photorestauration of old grandad image

      Hi - great picture!

      Once you have the rest of the picture the way you want it, you can clone the edges using samples from the undamaged area next to it. Your edges don't look that bad, and "borrowing" from the pixels directly above or next to (like on the sides) will fill in - just make sure obvious lines line up.

      Old photos don't seem to go all the way to the edges - nor are they even, like we're used to now, so maybe don't worry about fixing all of it, just the little torn uneven parts.

      After close inspection of what I could see, you wouldn't be losing anything if you cropped in a few pixels, shaving off some of the "overflow" which would leave you smaller parts to fill in and give you straight, neat edges. Try putting your "crop" lines on the majority of the edge.

      Good luck!


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