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Haze in old photo

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  • Haze in old photo

    Is there a good way to get rid of the white haze in this photo?


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    Re: Haze in old photo

    The 'white' haze is really blue.


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      Re: Haze in old photo

      Thanks so much for the tip. I'll continue working with those settings but I haven't gotten it to make much of a difference, yet.


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        Re: Haze in old photo

        Here is a different look.
        If you want the larger size let me know.
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          Re: Haze in old photo

          I have been looking at this photo and trying to come up with a solution. The haze is not a bluish tint. If it was, I could have used the hue/sat and zap it out, but no luck.. will check some more ok


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            Re: Haze in old photo

            The haze is not easy to rid and doing a channel walk or using the channel mixer did not result in anything better... I took a different approach and try to darken or less the sight of the haze with hdr toning in image>adjustment>hdr toning and than used curves and a blur
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              Re: Haze in old photo

              Yeah, messing with the channels never did anything for me. Thanks so much for your work on this! I'll play around with the hdr toning and hopefully get that to work.


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                Re: Haze in old photo

                Seems like this topic reappears every so often. The defect is called silvering. Take a look at this:


                If you enter silvering into the search you will have many hours of reading to do!

                Good Luck


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