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restoring antique map

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  • restoring antique map

    what would be the best way to adjust the color of this map? I need to remove the dark red tone on the far right side & adjust the density to match the yellow side. Never did one like this before.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: restoring antique map

    here's a better copy

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      Re: restoring antique map

      You may want to try this way:
      • Select the darker areas using your favourite method to form a mask
      • Add a Curves layer with the mask you created above
      • Add a Hue & Sat layer and reduce Sat to 0 leaving a greyscale image to enable easy balance of luminosity values
      • Adjust curves layer with mask to match tonalities
      • Use another curve layer for overall contrast to taste
      • Then bring back some colour as required by adding a blank layer and filling with colour and select blend mode Colour and reduce opacity to taste
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        Re: restoring antique map

        Here is a quick example with a set of layers to help

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