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  • Newbie....needing help


    My wife, in her infinite wisdom, has promised a little old lady that I would restore an old photo of her and her husband (who has passed away) and that we would reprint it for her.....oh, and she wants colour added

    The BIG problem being that I have no experience in restoring photos and although I've played with Photoshop a bit, I don't have the skill / knowledge to do it and I don't want to make a complete hash of it.

    I can do some of the basic stuff, but I'm having major problems in trying to remove the damage caused by creasing......

    What's the best way to remove the crease damage?

    I've attached the original and my progress so far - ANY help will be gratefully received.....

    Thanks in advance....

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    Re: Newbie....needing help

    I'm mainly having problems with the mans eyes......oh and then I need to add the colour and have no idea how to do that
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      Re: Newbie....needing help

      Need a larger picture to see.
      Link it


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        Re: Newbie....needing help

        Not too sure if I've linked it properly.....


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          Re: Newbie....needing help

          There are several tutorials here on RTP on colorization. They are most helpful!

          The crease is small. You might try copying the relatively "good" eye and carefully position the copy over the "bad" eye, making sure that the slightly down-turned, lower angle is matched.

          Sadly, the overall picture is of very poor quality. I wish you good luck in your compassionate endeavor.

          Janet Petty


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            Re: Newbie....needing help

            Straightened the image .. used the clone tool for his eye and some other minor fixes... the patch tool to even some skin tones... defined a pattern, selected it and used the pattern stamp tool set at 10% and screen to lighten some areas and multiply to darken... used 5 masked gradient maps to color... tried to sharpen a bit
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              Re: Newbie....needing help

              OlBaldy did a great job. Wouldn't of thought of using 5 gradient maps to color. Thanks for sharing.


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