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  • Cause of discoloration

    A client brought this canvas print in to ask if I knew what may have caused the discoloration at the bottom of the photo. Based on the area near the frame where the discoloration did not occur I thought maybe it was UV damage (with the untouched section in the shadow of the frame) but couldn't see why would it stop part-way up. Any other ideas, or has anyone seen something similar before? Thanks!
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    Re: Cause of discoloration

    I'm not an expert, but it does look like sun damage. The odd pattern could be a result of where it was hanging - maybe sunlight was getting in and around other objects? We have a rug that has uneven fading due to the way the afternoon sun comes in through side lights and almost around a corner (partially blocked by what is outside the window). It could also be unstable ink or maybe the canvas wasn't primed properly? Good luck!


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      Re: Cause of discoloration

      That makes sense, thank you!


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        Re: Cause of discoloration


        I also had a photo on canvas dating from the early 1990s that had a similar odd stain....not in the corner but over part of the subjects face and in the background. (It was a yellow stain on a lighter purplish background and on part of the skin colour) I found when it came to restoration I had to treat the area differently from the rest of the image when it came to colour correction and that photographing it produced the best results to deal withe the texture issues created by the canvas.


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          Re: Cause of discoloration

          Good point, thank you!


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