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  • photo cracked and faded


    My names is James. Thank you for letting me join the group. I have been working with photos for just a little bit. Just something to do on the weekend. My neighbor had asked if I could try and fix a photo of his father from Marine boot camp. I have looked around the forum and found a few thinks to try, with no luck. I have tried to use the healing brushes, clone tool, patch tool, and De-crack action. The photo that I have been working on is starting to look unnatural. I don't have access to the photo anymore and cant scan in color. Was wondering if someone could point me in the direction I need to be going. Thank you

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    Re: photo cracked and faded

    Wow - lots of cracks. First of all, a "de-crack" action and other filters will lose a lot of detail. Filter usage needs to be done carefully and selectively or they blur. For this image I would scan at least 600, IN COLOR (check your channels), work on at 200% and carefully heal and clone. This photo will take a lot of time to restore. Good luck!


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      Re: photo cracked and faded

      Well this is a problem. I used levels to improve the contrast and then Nik Define to get rid of some of the cracks. I replaced the ground (poorly) with a texture. I thought the marine was standing on grass. I filled in the sky with one color.

      James, The texture of your "ground" on your restore does look better than mine I might add. I would recommend on your restore that you remove all the color. And then use a noise reducing app such as Neat Image, Nik Define, or Noise Ninja or similar app. Photoshops reduce noise did not seem to do much.
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        Re: photo cracked and faded

        nrsm - That is what I thought when I first saw the picture. WOW - lots of cracks. If I can get a hold of it I will try to scan in color. As for the heal and clone, that is what I have been doing. I will just have to take my time. Thank you for the tips.

        philbach - Thank you for the complement on the ground. I have been playing around with the levels and curves to brighten it up. As far as I know he is standing on grass. I will have to try the programs that you suggested. Thanks for the advice.


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          Re: photo cracked and faded

          mpoo21: I have been working on some photos with lots of cracks like this. I use the healing brush for most of it and a Wacom digital pen tablet. Do you have a pen tablet? You just need to work with a small, soft brush and constantly be resampling your healing brush. I usually select a new sample in-between ever brush stroke. Remove the cracks bit by bit. It take time.


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            Re: photo cracked and faded

            Here is another one.
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              Re: photo cracked and faded

              Restoratorium: Thank you for the advice. Yes I have a pen tablet. Still trying to learn how to get used to it, a little different than the mouse.

              Cupcake: That looks pretty good. What all did you do?


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                Re: photo cracked and faded

                You can get use to it by using it on the web all the time.
                The best way to retouch


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                  Re: photo cracked and faded

                  mpoo21: yes, i agree with cupcake, use it as much as you can, not just for retouching. I only use my tablet for design and retouch work, but I'v been using it for 3 years now almost every day. I still like to use my mouse for everything else, but while you are learning and getting used to it, I would recommend using it for everything.


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