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Printing your restored image.

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  • Printing your restored image.

    Hello everyone,
    Just wondering how you go about printing your restored image,do you use a professional printers or a local supermarket, do you have your own printers and if so what make/model do you have and what about unusual size prints,i have restored some images which are not of a conventonal size,what is the best way to deal with this,do i get the nearest size available or would i need to use a company that would print any size imaginable??
    Any help on this topic would be most helpful.

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    Re: Printing your restored image.

    Have a Epson Stylus Pro 3880 (the best) paper Red River
    also Use LightRoom 5, can print any size.
    If you like professional I use, Millers Lab or M Pix


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      Re: Printing your restored image.

      I would guess that many of your restorations are going to be from B&W originals?

      If this is the case then you may have a problem getting a truly neutral greyscale or an accurate reproduction of a sepia toned print from a supermarket chain. And of course colour can be all over the place and not match your original or your intent for the finished work. Therefore IMO it is usually better to have full control of the process and invest in a printer that is capable of producing good colour and B&W prints.

      Epson pro printers are very good the 3880 having a solid reputation others in the range including the 4990 seem to have a bad rep. relating to clogging issues. In short you need to be regularly using the printer to prevent clogging and print head damage. The new range of Canon printers seem to get very good reviews. Currently I use an HP B9180 printer which is capable of producing excellent B&W prints and is no slouch in colour either. HP seem to have dropped the ball relating to producing semi pro printers so I think if you want to print yourself then you will probably need to choose between Epson and Canon.

      Unusual/non standard sizes, should they be required to be exactly the same can be accomodated by you printing to that size and investing in a trimmer to cut off the waste (Rotatrim are good!) assuming that the size falls within your printers maximum. Other than that you are probably looking at a pro lab to produce and trim the image for you


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        Re: Printing your restored image.

        How much!!......for the time being i think i will have to go to a pro printers and pass the price on to the customer,thanks for the advice.


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          Re: Printing your restored image.

          $1,299.00 Mail-In Rebate available -$250.00
          Offer ends JUN 30 '14
          for the Epson 3880 Pro at B&H


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            Re: Printing your restored image.

            I would go with MPix or Adorama Pix. Just print the largest size you need to get your entire image to print and cut it down to size. I know many have their own printers, but I prefer photos to be printed on true photo paper that is light sensitive and not just ink on paper. I don't have one yet, but I'm looking to get a color calibrator for my monitor to help make sure my colors are correct.


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              Re: Printing your restored image.

              Mant thanks for your comments,as i am just starting out,i have sourced a good professional printers,until i get to the point where i am needing to print on a daily basis i will leave off of buying a printer for now.
              Thanks again,


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